Resources For Learning UX

Here is a list of some great resources I’ve used to start learning about UX! Most of them are also free or very affordable – so they are great if you’re on a budget. If you’re interested in learning more about User Experience and Product Design, check out a post I previously wrote called “How Do You Start Learning About UX?”.

Desk and chairs in classroom

Online Classes:

Udacity – They have a great Product Design course that takes you through the whole process. (Free) 

Udemy – A library of great online courses from experts that can be pretty affordable (about $10 – $20) if you wait for a sale to happen. The course I recommend the most for learning UX is User Experience Design Fundamentals(Price depends on the course)

Skillshare – A creative’s go to place for project-based learning. I highly recommend the set of courses by Kara Hodecker on iOS Design. There are also a bunch of great course on more specific aspects of product design like MicrocopyResponsive Design, and Emotional Design(Monthly but you can get three months for $0.99. Also, you can use these links here to get a free month – disclaimer, I’ll get a free month too.) 

Interaction Design Foundation – A plethora of courses on both general and specific subjects in the product design world. (Monthly)

UIE’s All You Can Learn – This is a library of hundreds of seminars from pretty much all of the thought leaders and experts in the field like Jeff Gothelf, Jared Spool, and Dan Saffer. It is a little bit more of “advanced” content so I’d wait to watch these until you’ve gotten your feet wet. Most of the seminars are from conferences that are expensive to attend – so small monthly fee to watch them after the fact seems pretty worth it to me! (Monthly)

UX How To with Luke Wroblewski – Luke W is an expert in the product design field especially when it comes to mobile. This is a set of short talks he gives filling you in on best practices – based on research – for specific topics. (Free)



Most of these are websites, but I also highly recommend following these sources on Twitter as well!

Invision Blog – While also having a great product, they put out AWESOME articles and webinars that really jump-started my career as a designer. (Free)

Luke W – Here he is again! Luke W puts out a bunch of great articles and e-books on best practices for product design – especially when it comes to mobile. I highly recommend following him. (Free)

Sarah Doody – She is a well know UX Consultant and Educator. Her Twitter posts, newsletter, and blog posts provide great lessons on delivering a valuable user experience. (Free)

Laura Klein – She is a feisty and entertaining woman that is known for her book: UX for Lean Startups. Laura talks frequently about methods you can use to design great products, particularly through research. (Free)



The UX Intern – This is a great set of interviews of leaders in the UX field and often includes advice on the best ways to get into UX. (Free)

What is Wrong with UX? – This entertaining podcast gives you a realistic picture of the UX world with plenty of insightful tips, things to watch out for, and more! It is hosted by Laura Klein (see above) and Kate Rutter. (Free)

UIE Brain Sparks – Jared Spool and his team, interview lots of great thought leaders about their specific expertise. The talks are typically a “teaser” to the seminars that these people do at different conferences and often provide a great overview. You can watch most of the seminars at UIE’s All You Can Learn for a small monthly fee (see above).

Talking Code – As a product or UX designer, you will always be working with developers. This podcast teaches you about how developers operate and helps you speak their language a little bit better. (Free)


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