About Me



Hey there!

My name is Luciano, and I’m a freelance UX Designer in Fort Collins, Colorado that is passionate about working with entrepreneurial companies and startups who are interested in solving big problems with well design products.

As a self-taught designer with a business background, I have an untraditional path for a product designer. But it is something that I believe gives me a unique perspective on the importance business goals in addition to fulfilling user needs.

A little bit more about me:

I have always loved entrepreneurship and technology – even starting my own tech company in college. I quickly learned that the world of User Experience Design was the perfect intersection of both of those things.

I’m engrossed in learning about and designing digital products to the point that my friends and family think it’s weird that I spend all my free time listening to UX related podcasts, reading design blogs, or working on side products. But that’s alright. I’m okay being weird because I love this stuff!

And just so you don’t think that I don’t have a life outside of being a UX Designer, some non-UX things I like to do to include: cook food, eat food, drink coffee, be fit(ish), travel places, hike mountains, and never, ever binge watch Netflix . Okay, you caught me, I do binge watch… sometimes …occasionally…

Have any questions? Want to work together? Please feel free to email me at luciano@lucianovizza.com anytime.