Past Work

Here are a few products that I have designed over the years. If you are interested in discussing any of them or would like to see more of my work, please reach out to me at



Problem: People often want to attend local events happening around them, and businesses and organizations want to get the word out about events they are hosting, but there is a disconnect between the two. Product Overview: Harbinger is a mobile app designed to make sure people don’t miss out on great events by connecting them … Continue reading Harbinger

FastER Care

Problem: Emergency Room nurses have a difficult time assessing and preparing for incoming patients. For patients, the ER is a dreaded experience that is filled with lots of waiting, forms, and questions during a stressful time. Product Overview: FastER Care is a system designed to alert triage nurses of incoming patients ahead of time by … Continue reading FastER Care


Problem: Currently, pharmaceutical sales reps use pen and paper to make daily meal appointments with medical offices. The current system lacks the convenience and dynamic nature of modern software system. Product Overview: LunchPro is a system of web and mobile applications that facilitates the food ordering and appointment reservation process between pharmaceutical sales reps, medical … Continue reading LunchPro


Problem: There was a need to redesign the Swaggable web application in order to boost engagement, increase conversions, and improve the clarity of the value that Swaggble provided. Product Overview: Swaggable is a web platform that helps consumers discover and try new products. Goals: 1) Design an onboarding experience that improves engagement. 2) Improve transparency … Continue reading Swaggable

Memory Science

Problem: One of the biggest issues, I realized after the fact, was that Memory Science did not have a true problem that it was solving. The product itself was “cool” technology and instead of digging down and uncovering a clear problem and market to go after, we tried to solve too many problems for too … Continue reading Memory Science