Whether building a product from scratch or improving on something that already exists, I help innovative teams, founders, and individuals create digital products that people love to use.

Building A New Product

Have the next big idea for a web or mobile application? I can help you do the research, design a prototype, and test your idea to make sure you are building the right thing for the right people before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on hiring a development team. New Product Services start at $999.

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Improving Existing Products

Already have an app? I can work with you to make improvements based on certain goals and metrics that you are interested in. Want to increase the number of successful sign-ups? Interested in improving your product’s engagement? Just want to build more trust with your users by improving the look and feel of your application? Let’s chat and see if I might be able to help. Pricing varies per case.

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Product Design Audit

It’s easy to have tunnel vision when you’ve been working on a product for a long time. Sometimes it takes an outsider see the things you might have missed. I’m happy to spend time going through your product and making recommendations on how you can make improvements. Also, if you are interested in the Improving Existing Products Service above, a Product Design Audit is a great way to test the waters. Product Design Audits cost $99.

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